The Postgraduate Philosophy Association of South Africa represents postgraduate Philosophy students around South Africa. We aim to establish a research network and foster dialogue between postgraduates from around the country, and connect South African philosophy graduates with the world.


Purpose of the Association
To encourage the interaction of philosophy postgraduates in South Africa.
To facilitate the exchange of ideas and work in philosophy.
To strengthen the postgraduate community of philosophy students.
To introduce postgraduate philosophy students to the academic life.
To encourage postgraduate philosophy students to publish their work.
To facilitate the interaction between philosophers and postgraduate students from the various South African universities.


Selected MA and PhD opportunities, scholarships, and fellowships available around South Africa and internationally.

Here you can find a selection of recent calls for papers for both local and international conferences. This is a popular page so feel free to use the search function. Local CFP will be shared on the Facebook page as well.

Publishing is our bread and butter so keep up to date with recent journal CFP. The collection usually includes special issues for international journals.

Workshops make forĀ great network opportunities and is a way to keep in touch with the latest research.

Please make use of the “contact us” form to send us any of your comments. The society is going through changes and we will attempt to keep everyone happy. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

**PPA SA takes no responsibility for the content of Calls For Papers posted on this site. The onus is on you to confirm details of deadlines and other information with the contact person on the CFP.

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